Product Development Engineer
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Posted on Oct 10    574.532.9634

Location: Elkhart, IN
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4137639

Are you an experienced Product Development Engineer looking for an excellent opportunity?

If so, this job is for you!

A Product Development Engineer is responsible for the conception through production implementation of design and development of new products, product improvements and value engineering to existing product lines through the use of technology, engineering principles and customer input to achieve the project deliverables (ex. quality, cost, and delivery).

Essential Functions
Design, development and evaluation of major new products as well as design improvement and cost reduction efforts on existing products having significant impact on the company's operations.
  1. Works in multidisciplinary teams to complete projects and insure a smooth transition of the product into production including parameters for product validation.
  2. Project design and development cost estimation throughout the process.
  3. Provides design concept, development timetables and anticipated costs for team review and approval.
  4. Create test plan and complete validation testing with the Lab technicians to ensure product meets customer, markets regulatory requirements.
  5. Preparation of drawings and production of prototypes meeting the standards set by sound engineering principles, project goals and company needs. 
  6. Establishes audits and reviews test plan necessary to produce product results in line with goals.
  7. Collaborates with customer and cross functional team regarding design.
  8. Works with Manufacturing Engineering and Suppliers to assure most efficient methods of manufacture (DFM) and assembly (DFA) are developed to meet appropriate specifications.
  9. Finalizes all engineering documentation necessary for product release.
  10. Assists manufacturing with implementation into production including suggested parameters for validation of production units
  11. Assist in establishing and/or upgrading internal engineering standards and practices.  May assist in planning allocation of resources.

Required Education and Experience
  1. BS in Engineering related field.
  2. 3+ years’ experience in use of 3D CAD.  AutoCAD Inventor or SolidWorks preferred.
  3. Must be capable of applying intensive and diversified knowledge of engineering principles and practices in broad areas of assignments. 
  4. Must be able to build relationships with customers and suppliers.
  5. Self-motivated individual requiring minimal supervisory guidance. 
  6. Drive technical decisions
  7. Ability to prepare technical and strategic issues for management decisions
  8. Effective strategic, long-term and planning thought processes
  9. Good communication and presentation skills to both customers and cross functional team
  10. Demonstrates a commitment to Quality, LEAN, and continuous improvement
  11. Focused on customer needs, builds and maintains trust in this relationship
  12. Proficient Computer Skills
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